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12 Qualities that make us Stand out from the Crowd

At BRENO Roofing Inc., we have been offering roofing services for over 17 years now in the Greater Toronto Area. This longevity in the highly competitive roofing industry is a testament to our credibility and reliability. There are several other reasons why we stand out from the crowd.

Certification by the Ontario College of Trades

In Ontario, all roofing professionals and other tradespersons offering “compulsory trades” have to be licensed by the Ontario College of Trades. Among the responsibilities of The Ontario College of Trades are issuing Certificates of Qualification (C of Q), enforcing charges, tickets, and penalties to members when an offence is reported, investigating public complaints on its members through inspections and investigations, enforcing rules, and establishing apprenticeship/training programs, among other things. To confirm if a roofer is certified, do a search on the Ontario College of Trades website’s “find a member” search area.

Certificates of Apprenticeship are issued when tradespersons have completed the necessary training and they have sat the Certificate of Qualification Exam. For tradespersons coming from outside Ontario (leave for certified workers from Quebec), they have to undergo Trade Equivalency Assessment (TEA), even if they were certified elsewhere. At BRENO Roofing Inc., all our roofers have C of Q or TEA.

City of Toronto License

Other than certification by the Ontario College of Trades, a building renovator also needs a city of Toronto license to do roofing repair or installation in the city. One often requires additional documentation and further examination of the project by a city examiner. Note: this is not a requirement for a contractor whose principal business is the construction of structures and buildings. Check the local municipal code to determine who qualifies as a renovator or a contractor. We carry all the relevant licenses.

Written Contract

According to The Toronto Bylaw 545, a city-licensed renovator has to sign a contract with his client. The bylaw states that “The renovator shall enter into a written contract with the person for whom the work is to be performed to be signed by the renovator and such person”. A contract protects both parties and it contains mediation methods in case of a disagreement and penalties in case one party does not deliver. At BRENO Roofing Inc., we sign contracts with all our clients, no matter the size of the roofing project.


A good plumber will have a Certificate of Insurance for liability insurance. Liability insurance indemnifies you in case there is damage to property during the roofing process. Also, important is workman’s compensation insurance which indemnifies you in case of injury during the roofing process. We are ready to provide current certificates on request.

Labour and Manufacturer Warranty

We give you 15 years labor warranty. This covers all aspects of roofing where manual labor was used. Labour warranty is important because most workmanship errors are found within the first year, mostly after the first big storm. Note that this is different from manufacturer warranty which covers the actual roofing material. We are manufacturer-certified by some of the top manufacturers in Canada, which is a testament to or reliability. We are ready to provide a copy of both warranties.

Family Owned & Operated

We are a family owned and operated roofing company. This is an important quality in a roofer because it means we will pay more attention to the roofing project, right from the management level. A local, family-owned roofing company lives and dies by its reputation. It is easy to vet a local roofer since you can even visit the business premises. You also save money with a local roofer since he will not have a long distance to travel. Hiring us is also advantageous in that we understand all the local codes and permit requirements.

At BRENO Roofing Inc., all our roofers have C of Q or TEA

Free Estimate

When you contact us, we will give you a free, no obligatory estimate. We also offer free consultative sessions. We have no hidden charges – the quote we give you covers everything and is guaranteed not to change throughout the year (our prices do not fluctuate with changing seasonal demands). Call us today on 647-642-7366 or 647-64BRENO to get a free estimate.

Competitive Rates

When it comes to roofing, cheap is expensive, both for roofing material and labor. A cheap roofing contractor is more likely to cut corners to do the job in a shorter period or to use less expensive, poor quality materials. However, this is not to say our rates are on the higher side – indeed we have very competitive rates. What more, you need not pay a deposit!

24/7 Availability

We are available around the clock because we understand some roofing emergencies such as leaky roofs cannot wait till morning.

Fully Equipped

A contractor should have all the necessary tools, equipment and vehicles because this affects not only the quality of the roofing but also the time it takes to finish the project, which has an impact on costs.

Full-Service Contractor

We are a full-service roofing contractor. This means we do everything from roof repair to full roof replacement. We work with different types of roofs, primarily shingle, corrugated, and flat roofs. We also offer such related services as eavestroughs replacements and repair, roof tune-ups, leaf guard installation, and soffit replacement. Our comprehensive service is important because it means you do not have to hire different contractors, saving you money and giving you unparalleled convenience.

Material Quality

The roof is one of the most important parts of the house, and also one of the most expensive. To ensure the roof lasts long and offers adequate protection from the elements, only go for high-quality materials. These might cost you more, but they are worth it. The complete system of components, including synthetic underlayment, hip, and ridge shingles, flashing, vent, nails, and ice and water protector should match to ensure they work together. Ideally, buy them from the same supplier. BRENO Roofing Inc., we only deal with top roofing material manufactures.

Your roof represents about 40% of your home’s curb appeal. Do not gamble with the roofing contractor you pick. Call us today and we will even do an in-home color consultation on request.

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