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Soffit Replacements

7 Reasons to do Soffit Replacements the Moment you Notice a Problem

Most buildings in the Greater Toronto Area have soffit installed. The term “soffit” comes from French and it means “something fixed underneath.” Soffits are mostly laid around the main roof of a building, but also under porches, under columns and arches, under a flight of stairs, and everywhere else where there is a visible ceiling. The most common soffit materials in Ontario are aluminum and vinyl and to a lesser extent wood, fiber cement, and steel.

If you have a small soffit problem, repairs will suffice. However, there are instances where complete soffit replacement is necessary. These include:

  • Old age: Soffit has a lifespan of between 20 and 25 years, depending on the material. You should, however, not wait until you reach this age because of the harsh climatic conditions in the GTA. If you start getting problems and yours is nearing this age, it is time to do a replacement.
  • Leaking: There are many causes of roof leaks and you should, therefore, do thorough investigations to determine if the cause is soffit. At BRENO Roofing, our team has the training and experience to pinpoint the source of a leak.
  • Cracks and patches: Snow and wind storms can cause patches and cracks on soffit, especially old soffit. We look for such patches and cracks during our investigations.
  • Overflowing gutter: If your gutter has been overflowing for a long time due to debris, leaves, or any other obstruction, chances are that the soffit has already been compromised. We will investigate and do a replacement if necessary.

Why should you do Soffit Replacements the Moment you Notice a Problem?

Improved aesthetic appeal

Soffit adds great aesthetic appeal to your house because it is very visible. It is the skin that covers the eaves – without it, the rafter beams are fully exposed. You can have soffits in the color and style you want to improve the curb appeal of your house. It is particularly important that your soffits are in order if you are looking to sell your house since it will increase its resale value.

Weatherproofing the rafters

Soffit material is weatherproof, protecting your rafters from the elements. When exposed to the elements, rafters will rot and get mold build up, compromising the health of your family and pets and necessitating reroofing sooner than necessary.

Preventing water damage

Soffit placed under the roof prevents the seepage of water to the inside of the house from the fascia. Keeping rain and snow away from ceiling insulation and roof boards is important because this has a direct impact on the integrity of the roof. Seepage of water can lead to such problems as leaks, wall damage, blistering of the paint, and spots in the ceiling. The leaking water can damage books, clothing, and upholstery.

Mould and mildew protection

Mould is dangerous because it can cause upper respiratory tract problems like wheezing and coughing in otherwise healthy people and cause asthma attacks in asthmatic people, among other health problems. On the other hand, mildew can cause minor health problems and can cause wood to rot. You should install vented soffit to allow for maximum airflow. Soffit replacement offers protection against mold and mildew by keeping the attic dry and well ventilated.

Vented soffit allow your building to breath

A vented soffit is advantageous in that it allows air to flow through the vents for greater air circulation in the attic. The incoming fresh air from the outside and the outgoing used air from inside have obvious health benefits.

Energy efficiency

Soffit allows for optimal intake and removal of air along the eaves. Cool air will come from outside to replace the warm air inside. This helps lower temperatures during warm summer months and it consequently reduces your air conditioning costs. Soffits also help in expelling humid air during winter months.

Protection against pest intrusion

Soffit protects the exterior of your home from intrusion by pests like birds, bats, and squirrels. These pests can cause untold misery to your household, including damage to furniture and clothing. They can also carry diseases. Soffit also prevents your pets from going out through the roof.

Which are the best soffit materials?


Aluminum is a good option because it is malleable – it will fit perfectly into varied spaces. It is highly durable and will not rot, crack, or chip. In case of fire, aluminum is a good option because it is non-combustible. Other benefits are that it is easy to clean, it does not attract dirt, and it is water resistant (making it ideal for wet Ontario).


Vinyl is more affordable than other soffit options. It is aesthetically pleasing and is available in different grains and textures, allowing you to have a more customized look. Vinyl will not rot and is resilient to chipping and cracking. It is water resistant, making it ideal for Ontario. It is also easy to clean.

Why hire BRENO Roofing for Soffit replacement?

At BRENO Roofing, we have been doing soffit, fascia, leaf guard, and eavestroughs repair and replacements for over 18 years. Our team has the training, experience, and skills necessary to do inspections and subsequent repairs and replacements.

We are manufacturer certified roofers, a certification that we get after intense training and vetting. We stand by our work! Once we do soffit replacement, we will offer a 15-year warranty on the workmanship, which saves you a lot of money. The owner of the company himself will do the final inspection after soffit replacement.

We are fully insured and licensed by The Ontario College of Trades. Other than soffit replacement, we also offer other roofing services, meaning we do not sub-contract. This offers convenience and cost benefits and is the safer option. We don’t require a deposit and our prices are guaranteed throughout the year. Our services are available around the clock – we understand roofing emergencies cannot wait.

Call for today on 647-642-7366 or 647-64BRENO for FREE soffit replacement estimates and for answers to any questions you may have on our service.

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