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Roof Repairs

11 Benefits of Timely Roof Repairs

Repairing a roof does not come cheap, which explains why many people find shortcuts to roof repairs, including covering the leaky part with random materials and even placing a bucket in the attic to capture dripping water. There are several reasons why you should do roof repairs the moment you notice a problem.

Increased longevity and cost saving

Repairing your roof the moment you notice a problem increases the longevity of the roof. Ontario has extreme winters and summers, meaning even the normal expected deterioration over time is much quicker here. Degradation is expected over time, and roof repairs help repair the damage to increase the life of the roof.

During roof inspections and repairs, you will notice problems and fix them before they exacerbate, improving the longevity of the roof. Roofs already have a limited lifespan, such as 25 to 35 years for PVC, 10 to 15 years for modified bitumen is 10 to 15 years, and 10 to 12 years for EPDM rubber and this and the considerable replacement cost mean you should push towards the limit as far as possible.

Preventing leaks and water damage

If your roof is left unrepaired, there is a risk it will give way completely and start leaking. Leaks can cause damage to other parts of the house, particularly the wall, the attic, and the ceilings. Leaks can also damage your clothing, books, appliances, and other items in the house. Other than leaks, you may also get such water damage as spots and discoloration of the ceiling, blistering of the paint, and rotting of wood.

Preventing mold growth

The dampness caused by leaks and water damage often leads to mold growth. This is dangerous because mold, which is a species of fungi, has been shown to cause upper respiratory tract symptoms, notably wheezing and coughing in otherwise healthy people. It also causes asthma symptoms in people who already have the condition. Recent studies suggest a potential link of early mold exposure to asthma development to children who are genetically susceptible to the development of asthma.

For people with hypersensitivity pneumonitis, mold exacerbates the problem. Mould has also been shown to cause nasal stuffiness, eye irritation, throat irritation, and even skin irritation. People with compromised immunity and those with chronic lung illnesses like obstructive lung disease are at risk of serious infection when exposed to mold.

Preventing mildew growth

Mildew, also a type of fungus, can worsen the symptoms in those with respiratory conditions like asthma. It has been shown to cause mild respiratory symptoms such as a runny nose, sneezing, itchy eyes, coughing, and stuffiness. Large amounts of mildew have been shown to cause severe reactions such as shortness of breath and fever. Exposure to mildew can lead to the development of fungal infections in the lungs as well as opportunistic infections for those with chronic lung diseases and compromised immune systems.

Mildew decomposes walls, ceiling tiles, and other building material, leading to compromised structural integrity. With time, it can permanently damage porous objects like books, upholstered furniture, and carpets.

Maintaining indoor temperature

Ontario gets extreme winter and summer weather. Roof repair is important because it keeps the inside temperature dry and comfortable. It also reduces heating costs during winter months since hot air will not get out and reduces air conditioning costs during winter months because cold air will not get out.

Maintaining the curb appeal

The look of the roof greatly affects the overall appeal of your house. With regular roof repair, you will ensure your roof is always good to look at. This is particularly important if you are looking to sell the house because it will add significantly to its value.

At BRENO Roofing Inc., we offer a 15-year full coverage warranty

Improved safety

A roof that is in disrepair is a safety risk. The roof could cave in and shingles could dislodge and fall down. Extensive water damage can cause the drywall to buckle. If you leave the roof in disrepair, you will be risking the lives of your family, roofing contractors, and even passers-by.

Avoid voiding manufacturer warranty

Roof manufacturers give warranties, depending on the material in use. Some of the major conditions if you are to enjoy the warranty are that the roof must be maintained regularly and the repairs must be done by a certified contractor. If the manufacturer discovers the roof has been damaged due to disrepair, there is a high risk you will not be compensated.

Avoid issues with your home insurer

It is difficult to overstate the importance of home insurance. Like with manufacturer warranty, the building must have been in a good state of repair if you are to get compensated. The repairs must also have been done by a licensed contractor.

Peace of mind

Given the extreme weather in the GTA, regular roof repair gives you peace of mind since you will know you and your family and property are well covered.

Workmanship warranties bring repair costs down

Despite popular belief, repairs need not be expensive. A good roof repair company will offer a warranty on the workmanship. As an example, at BRENO Roofing Inc., we offer a 15-year full coverage warranty. Most roofing problems occur during the first year of installation, meaning repairs during this period will most certainly be free of charge. You will only need to pay if the damage has been caused by a natural calamity such as excessive snow and ice or falling branches.

Hiring BRENO Roofing versus DIY Roof Repair

We admit DIY roof repair has its appeal, but the benefits of hiring us far outweigh those of DIY repairs. We have been around for about 18 years, meaning our team has the training, experience, code, permit and regulation knowledge as well as the skills necessary to detect roofing problems and to fix them.

We are insured and licensed. Doing the job yourself means possible legal issues. Hiring us means you will have no safety concerns and it gives you unparalleled convenience.

You can reach us today for a FREE roof repair quotes for either flat or shingled roof at 647-642-7366 or through the form.

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