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Full Roof Replacement

12 Early Signs you need Full Roof Replacement

At BRENO Roofing Inc., we do full roof replacement when, after assessing the roof, we find it is beyond salvage. You should know the signs that a roof requires full replacement as opposed to repairs as this will ensure you call us in good time before rain destroys your ceilings and walls and before leaks, mold and other related problems.

Water damage

Most people mistake water damage for something else. As an example, mildew and watermarks are often confused for water coming from the window during the last rain. Similarly, people often confuse damp patches in the upper floors from damp. Although these assumptions could be true, these signs can also mean you have roof damage. For you to get watermarks, mold, or mildew, it means water is seeping in from the roof, meaning the roof has a crack or a hole.

If you find water damage, call us for an assessment to determine if you need repairs or full replacement. In most cases, if the water damage is extensive, you will need a full roof replacement.

Moss and mold growth

You should inspect your roof for moss and mold growth. If there is moss and/or mold outside the roof, shingle or tiles will have most probably started forcing themselves apart, creating a gap that could let in water.

If, after an inspection, we find that there are large portions of the roof that are moldy, we will recommend a replacement. Note partial replacement often affects the integrity of the roof because of inconsistencies not only in age but also in material and design.

Light coming through the roof

If you are getting light coming through different places in the roof, this is an obvious sign that you need a roof replacement. You could check for this sign by turning out the lights in the upper rooms and looking up the roof every now and then at sunset.

Loose shingles

We recommend you do an annual roof check. If you find a few tiles or shingles are loose when you step on them, a repair will suffice. If, however, more than a few are loose or missing, consider a full roof replacement.


The top of the roof should not sag or have a saddleback around the middle of the ridge – it should always follow a straight line along the ridge. A saddleback or sag in the middle is a sign of water damage and such a roof can collapse anytime. Other than water damage, sagging could also be caused by too much weight on the roof from ice and snow, which is not uncommon in Ontario, improper installation, and faulty roofing materials.

Shingle granules in gutters

Shingle granules in the gutter are not uncommon, but if you find a lot of them, this is a sign you need a full roof replacement. The shedding of asphalt and composite shingles granules is an indication that they have started wearing out. These granules look like coarse sand that is black in color. These form the top coat of shingles. You should inspect your roof in daylight for signs of deformed, curled, or distorted coatings.

At BRENO Roofing Inc., we do full roof replacement

Leaky attic

You should also be on the lookout for a leaky attic. A leaky attic will have dark streaks along the wall or circular stains on the ceiling or walls. You should also be on the lookout for sounds of dripping water within your walls or the blistering or bubbling of flat surfaces.

Aged roof

There are many roofing materials in use in Canada. Each material has its pros and cons and its own lifespan. To know the exact lifespan of your roof, look at the manufacturer warranty. As an example, if your roof is made up of several layers of shingles, the lifespan will be 20 years, but you should replace it after about 15 years before you start getting problems.

Falling mortar

Be on the lookout for falling mortar. Mortar is mainly used for bedding verges (outer edges of the roof), ridges (the outer horizontal area where 2 roof slopes meet), and other roof junctions. Mortar has a limited lifespan, especially in areas with extreme weather like Ontario where cracking is very common due to frost and building movement. When mortar starts falling, even if the shingle or tiles are okay, you will, unfortunately, need to replace the entire roof.

Rotting underlay

For your tiles or shingles to keep water out, the underlay must be working properly. If you notice a single tear in the underlay, this can be easily patched. If, however, the damage is extensive and the underlay has started rotting, it will need to be replaced. If left unchanged, rotten underlay will weaken the foundation of the roof and it can cause it to collapse. If there are signs of such weakening, it is time to replace the entire roof.

Peeling or blistering exterior paint

An attic that is poorly ventilated will have an increased moisture or humidity buildup near the roofline. This can lead to the peeling or blistering of the paint. You should, however, first rule out a problem with the gutter system because this is the most common cause of such peeling and blistering.

Spike in energy bills

If your energy bills have been increasing inexplicably, chances are that your heating or air conditioning system may be working on overdrive. One of the most common reasons for this is warm or cool air leaking through the roof.

Why BRENO Roofing?

Full roof replacement should only be left to a professional. We have been around for about 18 years, meaning we have the capacity to do thorough roof inspection. We could even advise you that all you need are repairs, thereby saving you a lot of money. We will give you a 15-year warranty on the workmanship.

We have the tools, equipment, and safety gear necessary to do full roof replacement. Replacing the roof is a risky job because of the heights where roofers have to work. At BRENO Roofing Inc., we carry workman’s compensation insurance, meaning you will not be held liable in case of death or physical injury. We also carry insurance to cover your property and its contents from damage.

Call us today on 647-64BRENO for a thorough roof inspection by our experts.

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