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Shingle Repairs

An Overview of Winter Shingle Repairs

Shingles, particularly asphalt shingles, are the most common roofing materials for residential homeowners in the Greater Toronto Area because of their many benefits. These include their affordability, versatility, ease of cutting, fitting, and fastening, low maintenance, durability (most manufacturers offer warranties of between 25 to 30 years), relatively lightweight, curb appeal and a wide selection of colors and sizes.

At BRENO Roofing Inc., one of our main services is shingle repair. We offer this service all year round. If you are looking to save money on shingle repair, we recommend winter shingle repair. Below is an overview of our winter shingle repair service.

How do you know you need winter shingle repair?

The major warning signs that you need shingle repair include:

Missing or broken shingles

When shingles are missing or broken (mostly due to physical damage or excessive wind), they prevent smooth shedding of water and act as a possible entry point for water.

Buckling shingles

Buckling refers to visible waved distortions of shingles that are often running vertically up a roof slope. Such shingles are highly susceptible to ice and wind damage and can be easily torn off. Common causes of buckling shingles are age, wet, or poorly installed underlayment.

Damaged flashings

Flashing around valleys, eaves, skylights, wall details, stacks, rakes, and chimneys are meant to last the roof’s lifetime, but they sometimes separate and lift due to expansion and contraction.

Clawing or curling shingles

This is a sign that your shingles have succumbed to the elements or are aged. You should replace such shingles because they are more susceptible to wind uplift and consequently ice damage, rigidity, causing easy breaking and loose tab edges, and being dislodged.

Bare spots and missing granules

Lack of eavestrough, poorly placed downspouts, and poorly designed valley drainage can lead to a waterfall effect which can wash away shingle granules over time. Bare spots, on the other hand, are caused by physical damage and aging of the roof system. Granules are meant to provide a protective layer and when they are lost, the shingle begins to harden from sun and heat exposure. This accelerates aging and decay. The bare spots and missing granules can also easily turn into a water entry point.

Benefits of winter shingle repair

Preventing leaks from getting worse

If you already have a leak, spots in ceilings, blistering paint or any other water damage, you cannot wait until another time of the year. If you do not repair your shingles, the damage will most likely extend and you may be forced to change the entire roof, which is very expensive.

The Greater Toronto Area has a humid continental climate which is characterized by warm, humid summers with daytime temperatures around 20 °C and highs of 30 °C and winters and cold winters sub-zero winters with lows of −10 °C. The low temperatures mean your family will be vulnerable.

Continuous leaks mean you will be at risk of book, upholstery, clothing, and furniture damage. You will also be risking mold and mildew formation in the attic, which contribute to rotting and which cause upper respiratory tract problems.

Low costs

Although we offer guaranteed prices throughout the year (our prices do not change based on the season), you still save money when you do repairs during winter because most manufacturers offer discounts this time of the year.

Shingles can safely be installed during winter

Some materials can be installed during winter while others cannot. We have the training and experience necessary to install shingles during winter months. PVC and TPO roofs can also be installed during winter, but those that require a peel-and-stick adhesive cannot.

Identifying leaks

It is only during wet conditions that you can properly determine if you have a leaky roof. During hot summer months, we are only guided by physical inspection and there is a high risk we can miss something.

However, the wetness will not be coming from rain, only snow, and ice because of the extremely low Ontario temperatures. This is a good time to repair because rain increases the risk of leaks when repairs are taking place.

Snow removal

As we will be doing winter shingle repairs, we will also be removing snow to allow for safe, non-slippery working conditions. You will, therefore, be killing two birds with one stone.


Roofing work tends to move faster in winter because all tools, equipment, and roofers are available. Most people do not go for winter roof repair, meaning we have our downtime during winter. With winter shingle repairs, you will most likely get us the exact dates you want.

Easier shingle removal

If the repairs require shingle removal, winter is the best time because shingles are more brittle. In hot weather, the sealant used in asphalt shingles heats up and becomes mouldable and difficult to remove.

Do not attempt DIY winter shingle repair

Avoid the common temptation of shingle repair, especially so during winter months. Snow and ice make working conditions much riskier. At BRENO Roofing, we not only have the right safety gear such as heavy-duty gloves, gripping boots, and protective eyewear, but we also carry workman’s compensation insurance in case of an accident.

We have all the tools and equipment needed for winter shingle repair, which include large hayforks, rake-sized scrapers, ladders, craw-bars, and pry bars, among others. If you were to do the repairs yourself, you would have to buy these tool and equipment.

Repairing shingles during winter is more complicated than in water weather. You have to take some precautions to prevent shingle breakage and to ensure they adhere properly. At BRENO Roofing, we have been doing shingle repair for around 18 years, meaning our roofers have the experience necessary to do a good job.

Hiring us is convenient because we will follow up on everything from permits to sourcing of materials. Hiring us also gets you 15-year full coverage warranty on workmanship. We are manufacturer-certified roofers, meaning you will not risk voiding the manufacturer warranty and you will not have problems with your home insurance provider.

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