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How Do I Prepare My Roof for Replacement?

How Do I Prepare My Roof for Replacement?

Are you about to replace your old and damaged roof with a new one? Replacing your roof is a huge project that requires time, money and energy. Based on the size of your home, the roofing company responsible for installation may need a few days to complete the project. To make sure you are ready to undergo a roof replacement it’s best to prepare yourself using the following tips:

Protect your belongings

As the roofing company carries out the installation and replacement process, the workers will have to walk on your roof. During this period, dust, debris, and even tools may fall on the items inside your home. Unfortunately, this can lead to some of your personal belongings getting damaged or broken. Therefore, to prevent this from happening, be sure to move any fragile items into a temporary storage unit. These items can include things like patio furniture, potted plants, children’s toys, lawn ornaments, and more. Alternatively, you can store these items in the yard until the roofers are done with the roof replacement. However, if both these options are not available, protect your belongings by covering them with a flat sheet or tarp.

Take care of the trees

Surrounding trees and their branches can interfere with the roofers as they replace your roof. To help prevent any delays or inconvenience be sure to trim the branches of the trees. In addition, you should also clear any debris or objects surrounding the perimeter of your home to ensure the roofing company has unobstructed access to your roof.

Get rid of satellite dishes and antenna

Have you installed satellite dishes and antennas on your roof? Unfortunately, these antennas and dishes will disrupt the roofers as they try to carry out your roof replacement. Therefore, it is crucial to remove satellite dishes and antennas before the project starts.

Remove the wall décor

As the roofers carry out your roof replacement and hammer down sections of your roof, the walls in your home may shake and vibrate. These vibrations  may cause some of your wall decorations to move or even fall. Therefore, to prevent any fragile wall decor from breaking or cracking, take the time to remove them before your roof replacement begins. Wall decor can include items such as wall art, paintings, mirrors, framed photos and posters.

Protect the windows

Like the wall decorations, vibrations may also affect your windows. Excessive shaking and vibrations can cause your windows to crack or even shatter. In addition, debris may fall from the roof and hit your windows. Therefore, it is recommended that you protect your windows before the roofing company starts working on your roof. You can do this by covering the windows with boards of plywood.


By following these tips you can be sure that you are prepared for your roof replacement. If you are interested in replacing your roof today, consult a roofing company for expert advice!

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