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Full Roof Replacement in Hamilton

Do you need help with full roof replacement in Hamilton? Breno Roofing is here to help. Our business is to inspect your roof thoroughly to determine if a replacement is the only option available. If it is, we offer the most personalized roofing services in Hamilton with the aim of rendering a service that will last for generations. All we ask from you is not to wait too long if you feel your roof is unsalvageable.

Many reasons can force you to replace your roof. These reasons include the following:

  • Aged roof
  • Falling mortar
  • Rotting underlay
  • Blistering/peeling exterior paint
  • Leaky attic
  • An unexplained spike in energy bills
If you have noticed any of these issues, you need to contact us immediately. Our in-house team will inspect your roof to determine if the issue can be resolved without having to replace the entire roofing structure. If the damage is beyond repair, we will inform you of that and give several roof replacement options.

For more than 18 years now, Breno Roofing has been the go-to company when it comes to roof repairs and replacements. We work with an in-house team of highly trained and experienced roofers who are passionate about their work. At the end of every service, we will provide you with a 15 years workmanship warranty. This is how much we stand behind our work.

Call us today for more information or for a quote. We are a family owned and operated company that is manufacturer certified. We are available to you 24/7.

By choosing us, you choose professional installation services, high-quality materials and products, quality and value to the project and professionally trained staff and contractors. We guarantee your satisfaction. Give us a call today for more information.

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