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Eavestroughs Replacement in Oakville

Eavestrough Replacement in Oakville

Eavestroughs is the part responsible for carrying the water from a pitched roof away from the foundation of a building. This often ignored feature helps prevent dampness, mold growth and wet rot. It can also be used to channel water to water collection containers.

At Breno Roofing, we understand the importance of this feature and offer tailored eavestroughs replacement services in Oakville. You can also contact us for cleaning and repair services. Prior to entrusting us with your eavestroughs, it is good to understand how the process works. Here are the steps that are involved.

  • Thorough evaluation and planning. This step checks for damages like rotten wood.
  • Measuring the house and coming up with sketches of the ideal downspout. We also note the elbows that will be required.
  • Cutting notches for downspout tubes. These are V-shaped notches.
  • Determine the best slope to prevent water stagnation in the eavestroughs. Typically, we use ¼ inch slope for every 10 feet of eavestroughs.
  • Installing hangers and flashing.
  • The sixth step involves the installation of the eavestroughs.
  • Testing to ensure the eavestroughs works perfectly is the final step.
We understand that an eavestrough that has been installed properly will not just prevent water damage but also last longer. Breno Roofing has some of the most experienced experts to help with just any roofing services in Oakville. Our services come with a 15 years workmanship warranty. Having been in the business for more than 18 years now, we take pride in being the go-to company in matters eavestroughs replacement in Oakville. Give us a call today to learn more.

By choosing us, you choose professional installation services, high-quality materials and products, quality and value to the project and professionally trained staff and contractors. We guarantee your satisfaction. Give us a call today for more information.

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