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Experienced Roofers

What You Need to Look for in Experienced Roofers

Most homeowners share the anxiety of hiring a roofer. This can be attributed mostly to the fact that many homeowners don’t understand how the roofing systems work. As a result, they don’t know the right question to ask. If you are looking to hire experienced roofers in your area, there are a couple of important considerations you must make. The following points will help you ask the right questions.


Licensed and insured

Prior to looking at anything else, you need to make sure that the roofer you are considering is both licensed and insured. Yes, not all regions require you to work with a licensed roofer but hiring someone that is licensed guarantees that you don’t end up in the wrong hands. Secondly, you need to make sure that the roofer is insured. This will keep you safe from lawsuits in case something goes wrong. Regardless of how much experience roofers have, verify that they are licensed and carry sufficient workers’ compensation and insurance coverage.


Permanent business location

Having a permanent business location means that the roofing company is not the fly-by-night kind of organization. Always check to make sure that the roofer has a permanent address, phone number, and tax ID. Roofers with permanent business locations are more stable than those that don’t.


Good community standing

What are people saying about the roofing company? This is a question you need to answer. When a roofer does a great job, you will hear a lot of good things about them. Considering what you are looking for is a team of experienced roofers, refrain from hiring from companies that are new in town. Yes, they might have the best equipment and team but how sure are you they are here to stay? Will they keep their promises?

To further check their community standing, you have to spend some time contacting their references. Ask for a list of their current and past clients. You should then make the point of contacting at least 5 of the references. During the call, focus on knowing if the company delivered great services. If you find bitter past clients, know what they didn’t like about the company. Stay away from roofers with a history of shirking responsibilities or never delivering on their promises. Roofs are major investments. Make sure the right team is working on them to avoid huge expenses.


Clear work plan

Last but not least, you have to take a look at the work plan of the roofing company. A good company will have a clear work plan which gives details from beginning to end. They should be able to tell you when certain elements of the project will be done and what you can expect them to look like. A good company will not give a foggy notion of how long the project will take.

With professional help from experienced roofers, you can enjoy the much-deserved peace of mind knowing that your project will be completed in the right way. Don’t settle for less. Hire a roofer that has a track record of delivering high-quality roofing services.

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